Breakfast Benches

I love the idea of piling onto a bench in the morning with my family (that is when I have one!) – squishing in to chat dreams, the day ahead, sip tea and enjoy those early mornings before everyone heads off to do their daytime gigs (for kids that’s school!)…. Here are some breakfast benches that nabbed my heart:

A very sophisticated nook for moi (ie I like it but don’t really see myself sliding in there everyday, needs a little more vintage pizzazz), spotted here.

Options for those that don’t want to share their seating as well, spotted here. I just love how versatile and utilitarian breakfast benches are.

Another smart looking nook to eat breakfast, spotted here.

Cozy, reeeeaaal cozy. Spotted here.

This Caitlin Creer bench is so lovely I am positive I have featured it before! Spotted here.

I love this one but would definitely need to switch up that fabric, maybe for a blue or green stripey looking design instead? Spotted here.

Interesting use of space! Spotted here.

I absolutely positively adore this one. Spotted here.

A simple breakfast nook with some fun artwork to boot, spotted here.

Kiddies not included, too bad. Great nook spotted here. And that’s it, my favorite breakfast benches for the moment.


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  • right, that worked for me on Chrome, now to remember what I said originally 😉

    I love nooks like this, breakfast seating and window seats – the perfect place to sit with a book or the paper and yet another coffee or tea.
    We have a pew along one side of our kitchen table and it fits 4 or 5 large kids at parties or 6 little ones and it is great!
    Love your blog btw

    • Thanks Lorna, think we better make a date to have some coffee in a breakfast nook because you basically summed up why I love them so much! Thanks for being so patient with commenting, I know it took ages!