It Was Bookend Destiny, a Vintage Snag

Remember when I showed off all these fabulous bookends last week? After staring longingly at other people’s bookends all day I was obsessed with the idea that we needed some in our house…. Then somehow, destiny happened. Last week B & I were driving up to his parents house and he luckily noticed a carboot sale sign. Obviously I wanted to go. On Friday night we jumped in the car and I experienced my first carboot sale, ever. It was a match made in heaven. There was loads of stuff, nice people and mostly great prices…It definitely had to be bookend destiny that these beautiful things ended up in my possession.

I was meandering down the packing lot when I saw “them”. I wasn’t sure at first but when I picked them up I knew they were perfect.

Stellar right/ Handsome duel they are! I bargained the guy down to £1 each so £2 all together! He wanted me to pay at least £2 each but I did the old ‘walk away’ trick… and it worked.

Am thinking they need names… Whatta think?

I had considered spray painting them since I seem to be obsessed with gold ever since I wrote this post…also considered the idea of making them solid white or black but am completely content leaving them in their au natural form. I love them. Love love love them.

p.s. I shared this post with Southern Hospitality’s thrifty treasures link party here!

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  • Those are the best bookends ever. I’m always on the lookout, but these? Perfect.

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha glad it’s not just me!