Where to Look: The Best Instagram Accounts for Plant Lovers

Now that we are in the deep freeze of our Canadian winter, I find myself spending more time wanting to look at images of beautiful flowers, exotic cacti and healthy green plants more than ever before. Here are some of my favourite (and frankly, the best Instagram accounts for plant lovers).  They capture plant life beautifully. Something to warm the kindred plant lovers heart.

1. Aleajoy (http://instagram.com/aleajoy) – a florist and plant shop owner from Portland.

Alea Joy Instagram

2. Shayna Stevenson – http://instagram.com/shaynastevenson – a Toronto based Artist (I am lucky enough to own one of Shayna’s beautiful wall hangings)

Shayna Stevenson Instagram3. Martina Thornhill – http://instagram.com/martinathornhill – Portland based artist (why are so many cool people concentrated in Portland!?!)

Martina Thornhill Instagram

4. Wild Folk Studio – http://instagram.com/wildfolkstudio – Caroline O’Donnell is a florist. A lovely one.

Wild Folk Studio Instagram

5. Emily Katz – http://instagram.com/emily_katz – artist whose account first caught my eye for her dreamy home… Stayed for everything else

Emily Katz Instagram

6. Anabela Piersol of Fieldguided – http://instagram.com/fieldguided – blogger, artist, Torontonian.

Fieldguided Instagram


Slowly my Instagram will just become a mixture of plants and dogs. Or at least that’s what I hope for. Row House Nest – https://instagram.com/rowhousenest/

Row House Nest on Instagram


So who do you love on Instagram for giving you plant envy?

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