The Best Decor Advice For Renters

As a renter myself (along with most of my urban dwelling friends), I find that there is a real lack of decor inspiration and advice for those of us who do not own our homes. Just because we rent doesn’t mean we don’t want beautiful homes. The ring in the new year, I decided it was high time somebody gathered up all the best recommendations, hacks and information for renters! My research has yielded all The Best Decor Advice For Renters. Here are all the best sources you can find on the inter-webs!

The Best Decor Advice For Renters

Above collage by me & Chris Webber.

Apartment Therapy is a solid source for REAL advice for renters. They even put out this marvelous “best of” post recently.

studio layouts that work

Image source: Apartment Therapy

minted large scale photography prints

Image by me.

Small space? No problem – look what Dabito of Old Brand New did in his tiny living room.

tiny living room dabito

Image source: West Elm blog

side view of DIY leaning ladder shelf

Image by me.

I wrote about how I made living in a teeny tiny apartment work for me (and Nan!).

small space row house nest

Image by me.

Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves has excellent rental/small space living tips. Holy grail of information. She was featured by Cup of Jo. 

erin boyle rental loft

Image Source: Cup of Jo 

Recommendations and a checklist by Remodelista for those who want to make sure they don’t forget anything when signing a new lease.

Small credenza Row House Nest

Image by me.

Domaine might not be sharing anything new, but they do tend to connect the dots. There is also this article here. 

domaine article

Image source: KK Living via Domaine.

So here is one bit of information for people who want to write about how we can improve our rental homes – STOP telling us to create a photo wall! Seriously. We can’t do a gallery/photo wall to cover up the ugliness of the space in every room. Let’s get creative. And you know what? Some people aren’t allowed to put a million holes in the wall. My landlord asked the previous downstairs tenant not to hang anything in her apartment. For real. How depressing is that?

Vintage Revivals always has great tips, including these ones for your rental!

vintage revivals

Image Source: Vintage Revivals

Justina Blakeney wrote an article on rental friendly renos for Ebay.

row house nest kitchen

Photo by me.

The girls at a Beautiful Mess always have lots of great tips. 

a beautiful mess

Image source: A Beautiful Mess

The Everygirl  has loads of great tips that go beyond paint.

There! I hope that helps. Nothing like a big ol’ roundup of information to help you head off in the right direction? Got another source? SEND ‘er over!