Feature: Belfast City Guide on Design*Sponge

Yesterday I was featured on Design*Sponge as I wrote a City Guide to Belfast! I am obviously thrilled and utterly gobsmacked that it actually happened! I love showing people around and happy to share the Belfast craic with others. Hope you get a chance to check out the piece here.

Cheers! xo Meagan

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  • Congratulations! What a great blog to be guest posting for! I read it and really enjoyed it. Have never been to Belfast but if we ever have a trip over we’ll know what to do and where to go. Claire.x

  • Ohh I did see this yesterday! Congrats! If only I could get to Ireland… it looks stunning and so beautiful… sigh.

  • Nora

    Reading my late grandfather’s diary the other day, I found out that he left Belfast for Canada in 1913. So, I have decided to try to get to Belfast in 2013 to celebrate the hundreth anniversary of his emmigration. I was so happy to come across your Belfast city guide on Design*Sponge. I take the timing as a sign that I really need to make this trip happen! I’m looking forward to looking at your blog to find out more about what there is to see and do in Belfast.

  • Edible Ireland

    To my shame, I’ve only been to Belfast a couple of times (one being just yesterday!) despite living just across the border in Louth for the past 12 years. Your guide has inspired me to explore the city more!