How To Embody the BBQ Dream.

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BBQ ladyImage from here.

Our chef here sure does look comfortable perched up there, doesn’t she? Looks like she is doing more than just chargrilling some meat though. At least she is wearing her gloves!

BBQ graphicsImage from here.

Barbeque. Barbequing? BBQ. BBQ-ing? Whatever you call it, I have been thinking about it a lot ever since I read this dramatic piece on Manuel’s hatred for BBQ’s. I can see why he wants nothing to do with them now.

The Art of BBQThe Art of BBQ. Barbeque Entomology – spotted here.

Living in Ireland I have realized that BBQ’s are different here. There I said it. It’s true. BBQ’s are crap here. The weather sucks 99.9% of the time, the BBQ equipment sucks, the chefs don’t usually know what they are doing (because they do it so infrequently) and too many people use those ridiculous charcoal hibachi grills which result in ridiculous amounts of smoke.

So what does this all have to do with home decor/decorating and your garden? Well duh, I am going to tell you how to get kitted out so you don’t end up like Manuel, hating BBQ’s and everything associated with them.

Proper burger partyA proper burger party! Kitted out! Spotted here.

Steps to achieving the North American BBQ Dream

(1) Get yourself a quality BBQ that will do everything except change the baby’s diaper. There are basically 2 big names in the grilling world, Weber or Char-Broil.

Weber image from here and Char-Broil image from here.

(2) Get yourself a smoker… Because really until you have tasted meat that has been smoked, properly, you haven’t really been to a proper BBQ at all.

Smokey Mountain Weber SmokerImage from here.

(3) This blog isn’t about food, so I am not going to talk about food. But what I will tell you is that it is critically important for you to procure high quality meat and veg for the BBQ. Don’t buy the crap packaged stuff from your local Big Box shop. Get some proper meat… And if its summer, snag some local produce from farmers markets etc. And marinade your beef. In this.

Hands down, Montreal steak spice guarantees a beautiful tasting steak, but please – please please, only cook at medium rare. You ruin the steak cooking it anything beyond that. Image from here.

(4) The outdoor set up. If you are minted your outdoor cooking space might look like this:

Outdoor BBQ kitchenSpotted here.

Or this:

Spotted here.

But it’s more likely that your outdoor grilling party looks like this:

Texan bbq-ing

Here is a good old Texan boy getting his grill on! He is actually grilling corn which is awesome. BBQ-ed corn is the bomb.

Some ideas for a sweet outdoor BBQ dining area:

Glamorous bbqThe Glam BBQ Look…I would hate to see some BBQ-ed chicken fall on those pretty white chairs. Arg. Spotted here.

Outdoor BBQ kitchenSleek outdoor space. Maybe a little too high end for us normal folk! Spotted here. I think they have set up some nice outdoor lights so that once the sun goes down, the party continues!

al fresco meal

A successful al fresco meal outdoors, spotted here.

courtyard BBQA Mediterranean courtyard BBQ heaven.

casual outdoor patio spaceI love the casualness of this patio, I have featured it before! Would be an ideal spot to cook up some chicken! Spotted here.

Picnic al fresco If things fall off your plate, no one cares! Casual picnic bench dining, spotted here.

Relaxed outdoor dining spaceFor the quieter BBQ crowd, less talk – more looking. Spectacular views, spotted here.

(5) Get yourself some awesome BBQ accessories (leave out ridiculous aprons and too large tongs, Manual reallllly hates those):

Cutlery organizer, great for parties

A great way to stick your cutlery outside without just throwing them down on the picnic bench! Cutlery organizer spotted here.

Galvanized metal container for drinks outside

Somewhere to keep your beer cold or in Pottery Barn’s case, your San Pellegrino! Spotted here.

Clever beer storageA handy place for storing your brews or otherwise. Spotted here.

And if you are super serious about your BBQ parties and beer:

Keg homeYup, that exists. Am pretty sure my brother will want one now. Spotted here.

Drink Dispenser A drink dispenser, very unnecessary but very cool. Spotted here.

Checkered napkins. Vintage of course. Spotted here.

Table and tablecloth, perfect for a big BBQ. Spotted here.

If you have to drink out of acrylic glasses, it should be these ones. Spotted here.

Very necessary, melamine plates. Great for picnics, camping, BBQ’s. Spotted here.