Back To School For Me

Literally. I work for a School Board – so I am surrounded by students fresh faced and excited to be able to share their summer stories with anyone who will listen! For me, I am thinking a lot about organization, my at home work space (since its going to be doing double time and half between blogging and working from home occasionally) and how much I am into colours associated with Autumn (browns, rust, cream, sunflower yellow, earthy dirt brown and so on). So Back To School For Me:

That’s the view to the right of my new desk. Although I have only started my new mood board – you can see there is wood, leathers, heather, yellows and 2 sweet notes: one my sister wrote when she was a little one, who knows what it says! And the other, a note that came with flowers that B sent me! Nice things to see when I am working!

Wondering what my new workspace looks like? Well I am sharing that with Barbara on Hodge:Podge later this week, so stay tuned to see more details about my desk make over over there!

For now, here are some more inspiration I found for workspaces, organization and fall loveliness in general.

Fantastico! Seriously. Those dark walls and curvy chair? Adore. Spotted here.

How smooth are those slates? Love this herringbone floor spotted here via here.

How cozy is this office? Lovely, cuddly office. Spotted here but could not access tumblr account.

Love this vintage school teacher chair, sadly it is no longer on Etsy.

I have taken the notion that I should start collecting linens and gold things so I should probably acquire a beautiful display case like this to stay organized! Yup. Okay, so that’s done and decided. Spotted here.

I need lots and lots of these. Could be great for makeup, office supplies, random bits and bobs I seem to hoard. Spotted here.

These large windows would surely keep me fresh and inspired! How great is this setting for doing work, no matter what your ‘work’ is? Spotted here.

Amazing office vignette. I need to strive for a big over-filled chair like this. Seems like the perfect balance between organization, comfort and function here. Spotted here.

This has the look of an old school desk to me, so perfect for moi! Great little workspace with lots of little fun things and art to distract me. Spotted here.

So next up, grab some of these:

Spotted here. And head here:

These twin hammocks makes Fall seem so much less scary! Plus your fun vintage wool plaid blankets? You are SET! Spotted here.

And finally, one of the last fires before it gets too cold!

Ideal. Spotted here.

So what are you doing this Fall? Getting organized? Clearing out your closet? Restyling your bedroom in prep for the winter months? Hightailing it off to some delicious hot spot to avoid the change in weather? Do share!

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  • Sheila

    What a great post with such beautiful images… I love them all 🙂

  • Roser

    I just saw this post now, and saw the picture/message I did from when I was little. it says: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet and So Are You. (duh!) haha

    • Ha ha I should have known that! Obviously.