Baby Flower Halo

Decided to call this a halo instead of a crown because with infants, a halo is the way to go! Perfect for photoshoots, the baby flower halo creates the illusion of a full crown in pictures. Because it is a halo-shape and not a full crown, it is not intrusive and doesn’t even have to touch the sleeping bebe. Recently, we welcomed another beautiful baby girl into our family and I quickly created this small halo to celebrate. Once I was done with it, my adorable toddler niece took over and got to wear it. Her comment: “Ellie go wedding.”

baby flower halo


  • floral wire (sticks) – bought mine half off at Michael’s for $2
  • my trusty Japanese sheers
  • floral tape
  • a variety of simple blooms. I picked little blush coloured roses, white carnations, baby’s breath and some simple greenery. Cost? Around $9.


The instructions are very similar to my DIY Flower Crown instructions here.

how to tutorial flower halo for an infant

I created two small loops on the ends so that I could add ribbon to transform it into a crown afterward and because it was easier to manage this way. I started with greenery and then slowly added in small bunches of flowers. I like to create small focal points with the roses (they were so cute) and added in the carnations and baby’s breath to distribute the weight.

Baby flower crown

Once you have secured all your bunches of flowers down with floral tape, your baby flower halo is ready to circle the infants head! Since it is a larger open shape, it can be laid flat around the outside perimeter of the infant’s head without disturbing or waking up the sleeping babe!

DIY infant flower crown

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