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Winter Battles – Harsh Ontario Winters

For those of us that live in the frozen tundra that is Ontario, I don't think I need to go into too many details about how harrowing our winter has been this year but for those that live elsewhere...The only way I can describe it, winter battles - the harsh Ontario winters have worn me down. Our winter has been long. Hard. Little relief from every type of storm imaginable [Oh hi ice storm/snowstorm/windstorm/ice and wind ...

Yesterday – Long Ontario Winter

Brass gator purchased from Value Village two years ago when I was on a gold/brass kick. He is now my window watcher. Along with Nan of course. We are bundling up but still stuck indoors a lot due to the extreme temperatures. Positive? Nanna has perfected sleeping in, FINALLY! Negative? I miss our long walks that get us out of my shoebox apartment for hours on end. Oh well. Spring is never far. Xo

January, Small Updates In A Small Apartment

  Happy 2014 friends! January, Small Updates In A Small Apartment It is finally getting to be where I want it to be. Not exactly but close. I still need to do a few painting related things. I am always battling clutter in this crazy small space (one piece of recycling makes my place look like a trash heap). And well Nan needs a dog bed. That is a big decision around these parts. I don't exactly have ...

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