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The Living Room Rebirth

Thursday, October 16, 2014 1 Permalink 0

It has been exactly 2 months to the day since we moved into our new apartment. That is 60 days of living within the walls of an altogether not offensively painted apartment but a 'not me' apartment. I had been patiently planning and working behind the scenes with the wonderful people over at Benjamin Moore * to determine how to best breathe my personality and some new life into the walls of our home. As I have mentioned several times previously, I am just dying with happiness that I finally have an apartment that is a blank slate for decorating and one that is big enough to decorate (this is big news for me after living in under 400 sq. ft. for a year and a half folks). I went from a wee wee little single old me apartment to a spacious living room with 12 ft ceilings! The before (LOOK BEYOND ...

Better Late Than Never: Fall Tablescape Ideas

Thursday, October 9, 2014 0 Permalink 0

I think I just like saying "Better Late Than Never" as it supports my tendencies towards procrastination and a last minute nature.  By all means, I don't WANT to be like that. I just am. I am well intended. I WANT to get your birthday present before the actual day of your birthday - but it's likely that I get caught up in life (maybe I'm just selfish? I dunno) and don't end up doing things ahead of time. It would save me SO much stress and panic if I just planned ahead a little better. But then I need to do other things: groceries, cleaning, walking Nan, visiting with friends who aren't around much... You know - urgent matters. Then, oops, it's the day of. Story of my life. So this post is dedicated to those other folks out there that would have LOVED to be all super duper ...

Copper-fied. A DIY Round Up of Copper Projects

Monday, September 29, 2014 2 Permalink 0

I haven't done one of these in awhile. I need to get back on the DIY roundup train. It's good for me. It's good for you guys. Everyone wins. It may just be me but there seems to have been an explosion of awesome looking copper related DIY projects flying around the blogesphere these days. Lovely way to bring that industrial feel into your home. First image features DIY copper hooks from Bambula! Copper and wood paper towel holder. This one caught my eye because I actually need one. I can't decide between a free standing one like this or to make a hanging one (freeing up counter space) Project and instructions at Almost Makes Perfect. This next one is a how to for copper pulls! What an unique hardware! From The Gathered Home. Here is a more simple project. Simple and elegant candleholder From A Merry Mishap. Not comfortable dealing with straight up copper pipes? Why not ...

Projects. Check.

Thursday, September 25, 2014 2 Permalink 1

So new apartment. Lots of work to do. Lots of projects on the go. Multiple trips to second hand stores. Far off adventures on the hopes of finding the right dresser. Mini stop off's at Ikea... And not much has happened. You see. It's the paint. I was planning around my walls. And now that we have that about to start, my home can really start to take shape. In the meantime, I have been hunting and gathering like a pioneer over here. Interested? Here is a sample (with before and after's to follow)..... I can't wait to share the colour scheme for my living room. That will be happening shortly. Here is a small snapshot. Hint: None of these were 'it'. Also, I wish someone could have recorded the "white" conversations with James. me: Which white do you like? him: Ah. Maybe snowfall white? me: No. Not snowfall. The coverage hasn't been perfect. him: ...

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