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DIY Lavender & Coconut Bath Drops

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 0 Permalink 2

This is one of those homemade gifts that you make and think "Mmm how many of these can I keep for myself?". Seriously. They are so luxurious. And easy. So easy. Perfect for someone who wants to make homemade gifts but doesn't have 3+ hours to dedicate towards making something. The lavender scent is a natural relaxant that soothes and calms... And coconut and cocoa are so incredibly luxurious on the skin, it's silly. You get out of the tub feeling completely chilled and super soft. Lately I have been defaulting to taking a lot of baths - for so many different reasons. It makes me slow down. I love soaking. To warm up. To relax before bed. With all my baths, I quickly ran out of my store bought bubble bath, bath salts etc. So I have been turning to quick 'throw-ins' that I already have in my bathroom cabinets. Lately ...

Passive Holiday Decor

Monday, December 15, 2014 0 Permalink 1

How inspiring is that title? "Passive". Not a word generally used in conjunction with someone who should likely be trying to hype up their home over the holidays. I have long missed the 'holiday home tour' boat - so I don't think there is any point in pretending I decorated weeks ago with any sort of real 'theme'. Maybe it's a minimalist, natural Christmas approach. That sounds MUCH nicer. Much like most of the decorating in these parts, it is a mish mash of things I generally just like (beyond the tree, everything else could just stay) and things that were easy and accessible. I tried something new this year, I made my own real tree garland for over the large living room window. It looks beautiful but it is drying out at a rapid rate. Duh. Why didn't I think about that? I also made my own wreath, swag for doors ...

Living Room Tour

Monday, December 8, 2014 17 Permalink 4

How does one name a post when they have been thinking and working on the room for close to 3 months? I think calling it a "living room tour" doesn't really do it justice, but hey, I wanted to keep things simple. So here it is. It's mostly done. With the exception of a few finishing touches, such as art for over the sofa - I am not even sure how I got here anymore. I could write a novella on each separate journey - Meagan's Sofa Journey, Meagan's Paint Journey, Meagan's Everyone is Bored of Talking About Your Home Journey.  It was such a slow evolution of taking things out, bringing new things in. Bringing the original items back in. Each step was methodical, discussed, lived in. Some loved pieces stayed, some didn't (where will my vintage yellow Eames chairs go now?!?!). The living room became a obsession focus for ...

Parred Down. A Little Too Much.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 2 Permalink 0

Like many of my blog posts, this one may seem a little tangential {sorry friends} but I am very curious to know if other's have ever experienced this same phenomena. Admittedly, this may turn a little psychoanalytical as well. It's me. So that's just what I am going to do. Growing up in my home was an interesting thing. The focus was on experiences, being a good person, reading, eating food made from scratch  (I lived in that home where there was NEVER quick and easy junk food around) and generally, being busy. I had part-time jobs in high school to get to, I loved snowboarding and was active on school based committees in my later teenage years. I didn't have the home where things were picture perfect, there were never hot cookies coming out of the oven as my friends and I walked through the door. I really don't care about those ...

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