Artist Residency: Fogo Island

Sometimes I look at my drafts section of my blog and realize I never published something. Such is the case with this blog post – about the Fogo Island Inn Artists in Residence homes. They are amazing. And beautiful. If you didn’t catch my post about Fogo Island, it is here. It was one of the most magical places I have ever been. I still think about it on a regular basis although it already feels like a million years ago. The program is organized by the Fogo Island Arts group. It seems like a beautiful idea to go to Fogo Island and create.

This is the Long studio in Joe Batt’s arm. It the the studio closest to the Inn.


I had the opportunity to speak with the artist who was working in the above home. He was sharing how special it was to create in this space. I believe his name was Matt. He was telling us about how he would be working and look out and see a pod of whales cross in front. Like for real? Here is is from the other side:



I snapped this little picture from inside of the Fogo Island Inn – I only took a picture of my favourite area, the area in which we camped – Titling. We camped on the far left of Sandy Cove.


The below home turned out to be the home in which the artist working in the Titling studio lives…


View from the Titling studio. Village to the right.



This last one I have is from Shaol Bay. Called the Tower studio. It is the most ‘visual’ and likely visited of the studios as you can see it from the main road (well let’s be honest, there is really only one major road on the island).




If you would like to more specific information about the architecture, you can find that here. The studio that we didn’t visit was the Bridge studio located in Deep Bay. We ran out of time. It is odd that you can go to such a small place and not venture everywhere… Wasn’t meant to be. Also gives me a reason to go back soon.


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