Anxiety Reducing DIY’s. The Roundup

Okay so you all know I do the psychology thing {yes I can read your mind!* I use to get asked that a lot surprisingly}, so I feel like a lot of my time recently has been teaching people about using strategies to reduce their anxiety day to day, or at least manage it… Oddly enough, I find myself gravitating towards integrating some of my own strategies into my life to feel calmer…

This was Einstein’s desk. Lovely. But anxiety inducing. Spotted on Life.

Note. I don’t think these ‘ways’ are just for staying creative. I think they are good for you general. We should all strive to do more of these activities to keep our brains and fun activity up!

Source unknown.

Day to day this comes in the form of lists, reminders, documenting, setting goals and making time to ‘catch up’ instead of always running around (I sometimes feel like a chicken with my head cut off at work). When I was trying to conceive of my next DIY roundup I thought ‘Why not some things that would help us all feel calmer and more organized’? Bandaid solution? Maybe but I’ll take it.

I love this idea of making a colour coded organization system

Spotted on Cupcakes and Cashmere (along with a few other great ideas)

Recycle old jam jars into supply holders

Spotted on Real Simple

By painting boxes (of similar size or varying sizes) all the same colour, it creates an organized, clean look

Spotted on good old Martha Stewart

Feeling super lost and like you are getting anything done or remembering events?

Better Homes & Gardens is on it with this clothes peg idea.

Use hoops to get your junk organized at the front door. Pick your favourite fabric. Viola.

Pretty Little Studio makes these hoops and sells them on Etsy.

If this doesn’t make you want to whip your paperwork and office supplies into shape at home, I don’t know what would.

From Real Simple Magazine but images on Deliciously Organized.

I am not sure if this next image makes me feel more or less anxious.

Wow. By Life’s A Journal. She also created this day version

Spotted on the Life’s a Journal Esty Shop.

Everyone feels better after a little labeling…

Spotted on the Painted Hive. PS – I love that they are called ‘magic’. Always a good thing in my mind.

We all need pretty push pins, they help anxiety levels.

Spotted on Sally J Shim

Sticky notes make me happy. They aren’t a DIY project but they deserved some attention

This chalkboard stickynote chart makes me feel calmer instantly… From the Freckled Nest!

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  • Ashley @ First Home Dreams

    I’m in love with that drawer from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I can see it in a drawer in our future kitchen so that it’s super easily accessible!

  • organizing ideas make me smile x kat

  • Janmary

    Why did I find your blog AFTER you leave N Ireland?!!

    The last image is from an online course called Indie Biz 3.0 (which I took part in last year), and this idea was shared by Freckled Nest (hence the FN on the post-it notes) as a way to organise our to-do lists 🙂

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