Updated: An All Natural Face and Body Care Sort of Summer Ahead

This summer I am hoping to make the full on switch from junky products to mostly natural, better for me products. An All Natural Face and Body Care Sort of Summer Ahead for me.

Here is the break down of my gear:

Some things you may have seen before, like the homemade body butter. You can find the deets for that here. I finally found Tom’s anti perspirant, it took me ages to find it. I like the smell of the deodorant, but as we all know, that doesn’t do much to help. I have never used the wipes before, but they are natural and smell like grapefruits – I can’t wait to use those babies on the go. All the others are self explanatory.

I would love to change all my make-up over to all natural products too but I haven’t found products that I love yet. Any suggestions for me?

Another cool wee thing…

I thrifted this old picnic basket to help me stay organized.

All compact and ready to ROCK.

Cool huh? Picnic baskets are super handy, compact, great for stacking and super cheap at thrift stores.

So I gave an update. I ran out to the Big Carrot this morning looking for some specific body care goods and came away with some great natural products

Top left – Ferlow Botanical rosa cream – organic rosehip seed oil cream made in Vancouver
Green Beaver chemical-free sunscreen. Organic and made in Ontario. The dude helping me in the Big Carrot said he met the owner and that he was a super down to earth good fella. I like that.
Pretty triple rose, pure floral essence. Great as a toner for your face and smells amazing.
Druide organic citronella, outdoor spray.
Earth lab cosmetics – raw mascara.
I’ll let you know how I like each of these products as I use ’em!

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  • Love the picnic basket idea! I think I will definitely have to keep my eyes open for one of my own. One can never have too many baskets.

    I may have to try the homemade body butter, but what about the homemade balm? Do you have instructions for it?

  • Michelle from the236.net

    Thank you for this post! This has been on my mind! I’m interested in trying the Tom’s products – what do you think of them? Effective?

    Happy Canada Day long weekend!

  • I use the Tom’s deodorant and love it, have been using it for a year now. It doesn’t have that “Oh what a great scent” as it has no scent at all. Other products of Tom’s that I have used are….. the mouth wash, tooth paste and there was another but I can not remember. I did like the tooth paste.
    I want to make some of your home made products. Let us know how you like that brand of shampoo and conditioner.
    Happy Canada to everyone.

    • Yes I like the Tom’s as well – mine is scented and smells great 🙂

  • This is SUCH a good idea, I want to start making this switch too. I’d love to hear how the shampoo/conditioner is!