Alberta Plus Some Canmore – Roadtrip Journal

I really should have called this post “Dogs of My Road Trip,” but I am saving that one for when I have lots and lots of dogs to share! This is Brewer, my friend Tony’s bull dog. He is a big fella…


And this is Tony’s little lady – her name is Lucy. She is smaller and doesn’t like to sit still so I can take her picture.


My first night in Calgary was spent hanging out with two of my most loved guy friends. When we were walking to grab some dinner, a crazy ass storm whipped in. Hard to capture with pictures but this one will give you an idea…


Cow town at night.


The view on the way out to Canmore. My first time seeing the Rockies. Mind blowing.


Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. About sums it up.



So we tried to do a crazy ass hike by the Spray Lakes reservoir. The elevation was crazy. My friend and his brother plus GF are crazy fit Calgary-ites. We started hiking up, at a good speed, and I was trying to keep up – but I felt like I was going to die. I had to call time on it. I felt horrible. Between being physically not up to friggin bolting up the mountain, the total shift in elevation and the air feeling totally different, we had to call time. So we stopped. I thought I was going to throw up – strangest feeling ever. Hike ruiner. I felt horrible but what else could I do really? I tried to get them to continue on without me but they refused. Instead we went to the dog park in Canmore and met up with my friend’s parents and their dog Molly aka Sneakers!


Much easier! I am such a baby.


Molly made me like little dogs. I don’t usually love little dogs. I find they bark a lot, have little dog syndrome and are generally just not my favourite dogs… But Molly – she was golden!

Adorable bunnies all over Canmore.


NBD. Just a sweet chalet in Canmore. With some mountains. Like I said, NBD.



The sunset from my friend’s condo in Calgary.


So that’s a little of Calgary and a little of Canmore. Lots of Alberta to share with you so far. I really like Alberta. Beyond its awesome natural beauty, it is likely because two of my best friends live here. Good guy friends are essential. Essential to me anyways. These dudes have known me since I was 13-14 – we go waaayyyyyyy back and that means the world to me.

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  • We rented a couple chalets in Canmore for a family holiday a few years ago. At the time, because of some life stuff, those mountains felt oddly oppressive. It didn’t help that my brother-in-law crashed our rental car into one of them. (Don’t worry – we were all ok. We crashed INTO the mountain, not OFF OF, thank goodness.) I think I need to go back sometime soon and re-experience them with new eyes.

    What is little dog syndrome?

  • Laura

    You better not be talking about Cali in the generalization of small dogs, she would be heart broken!