Taking Our Dining Rooms Outdoors – Al Fresco Dining

Summer is on it’s way – ya ya, nay sayers can shout “It’s only May Meagan, we have at least another month and a half to go before we can actually think it’s summer!!!” I don’t care- I am already dreaming of Al Fresco Dining!

Well want to know what I think? Human beings are generally a slow moving slothly (think a sloth and then make it into an adjective!) bunch. It takes a long time to get your butts in gear, decide on a look, save up the funds to support the project and then actually putting it together? Well that could take another few weeks. We won’t even include that in the calculation…

Ohhh you can tell this setting is somewhere that tends to get colder at nighttime, the blankets – the cozy lights overhead. Very comfy and not hard to pull together at all. Spotted here.

This al fresco setting is so rustic, seems like it belongs on an old school French farm or something, oui? Having your morning coffee and freshly baked scones here – ideal. Spotted here.

That other picture was your beautiful French breakfast spot and this is your even more amazing French dinner locale! Funny enough I believe this picture might originally be from House and Home, so this may be somewhere in Canada? Spotted here but the original source seems to be here, although it is clearly from a magazine. Oh internet, why do you make it so confusing?

I have no way to explain it but when I saw this picture it made me instantly think of B and I’s first night in Rome on our trip to Italy… The amount of lighting was similar – perfectly dim but able to see everyone around you. So warm. Spotted here.

A little urban al fresco dining is in order for all the urabanites out there, we don’t all have a beautiful rustic country getaway to invites friends to dine at! Spotted here.

Simple but outdoors. With rose – so it must have been an afternoon gathering! Spotted here.

Even farmers like to eat outdoors when they can! Lovely and simple. Spotted here.

Eclectic and cheery, right up my alley. Spotted here.

Orchard dining is a must do. Spotted here.

This one is definitely a shout out to rural Ontario – reminds me of Georgian Bay or Algonquin Park. Glammed of course! Spotted here.

Here is another lovely urban al fresco setting! Framed by shrugs and trees. Wow. Spotted here.

Massive picnic table turned community al fresco night out in the forest. Spotted here.

Taking al fresco to the beach! Makes perfect sense to me and this one might be my all time favourite. Give me some oysters, fresh tomatoes, crusty bread and a glass of wine! Spotted here.

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