The Blog:

A blog based in Toronto, Canada which is mostly about home decor and decorating but is really about a million other things. How’s that for honest?

I generally write about my home, my road trips, my dog and coffee. Coffee and my dog Nan play a pretty paramount role in my life.

The Occupant of The Nest:
Hi. I am Meagan. That’s me down below with Nan. This picture is absolutely perfect – I am smothering her, attempting to get a nice shot of the two of us and she is looking like a zombie freak dog.

Meagan from the Row House Nest

What am I and who do I think I am blogging? I am a stubborn lady who thinks I can figure out most things if I think about it long enough. Throw a little common sense in there, a little internet sleuthing, a little elbow grease and some patience – and the result is a know-it-all gal with a wealth of You Can Do It Yourself attitude.

I am constantly on the hunt for new ideas, old objects that deserve another life and in general, things that will make me happy. I am inspired by creative uses of objects, wood, anything from before 1955, the taste of good coffee, free spirits, dogs, turquoise, the countryside, a good story and lemon. I love the tang of a good lemon! Of late, I am obsessed with the outdoors more than ever before – so watch out!

Previously based in Ireland, The Row House Nest was inspired by our quirky, perfectly formed Irish row house that lived in when I started the blog. What can I say? I was unemployed and had a lot of time on my hands – so starting a blog seemed like the natural solution. I relocated back to Toronto, Canada for work in August 2011 and am currently living the Canadian Dream again – working Monday to Friday, living for the weekends and my summers off! I day dream about camping and hiking a lot and have a problem with searching dogs that need rescuing online (intrigued? Contact me! I love talking about dogs).

So that’s me. What about you?

Still want to talk? Email me:

I am a proud dog momma to Nan. She is absolutely the love of my life. For real.


Not convinced? Look at this awesome picture of her cruising around a trail on Fogo Island (Newfoundland) from the summer (August 2013).


  • Sarah-Jane, Sean, & Bobby

    I have been checking out bits and pieces your blog all day…Sean too…even Bobby the dog is looking over my shoulders at the awesome page! Great job. I will definitely keep checking back for new ideas. Really like the silhouettes…

  • irene schlarb

    what a great idea!! would you like me to send you oma’s kipfel receipe!! i think it’s pretty comforting when you walk into a home and there are some awesome home baked kipfels! a receipe where the dough was kept in the well to keep it at a temperature that made it a great taste to bit into years ago!! thinking of you two! love irene

    • admin

      Irene! Would love Oma’s recipe! A warm affordable welcome indeed!!!

  • Kelly

    “Nester” so proud of ya! This is just great! I’ll have some BC links to share with ya in the coming months :)

  • Matthew Mead

    Very nice job Meagan, all the best to Brian and yourself. :)

    • admin

      Hi Matt! A surprise seeing you here! Thanks a lot! How are you???? Coming to Ireland anytime soon?

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  • Tara

    I was in love with an Irish transplant this summer and thought I might end up like you but he broke my heart

  • Gianna Real

    Hi! Love your blog and your dog…I have 2 beagles too!

  • Brenton Little

    Are all of these photos your own? How could I go about purchasing one to use in a design that I’m doing? Thanks… you can email me or message me back on twitter or @brenton_clarke