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Row House Nest is a DIY and lifestyle blog focused on how to find & make beautiful things in your home & life. Toronto natives Meagan & Roselie share their DIY & styling advice for home décor & special events, as well as share their love of travel & adventure, dogs, coffee and sweet vintage finds.


Meagan Row House Nest

MEAGAN, Author & Owner

Hi! I’m Meagan, author of the Row House Nest. I started this blog while living in an actual row house in Ireland, back in 2010. I am now based in Toronto, ON, Canada – where I’m from originally. I started the blog because I was (and still am) constantly on the hunt for creative new ideas for my home, and am always researching and finding ways to DIY my life. I figured I might as well create a platform allowing me to share all that I’ve discovered!

I am the proud dog momma to Nan. That’s me up above, smothering her. She’s my partner in crime.

I am inspired by the great outdoors, free spirits, creative uses of wood & other objects, vintage décor (anything circa 1955), dogs, turquoise and a good story. I daydream about camping and hiking a lot and exploring the world at large.

Roselie headshot rounded

ROSELIE, Contributor & Marketing Developer

Hi there, I’m Roselie! I’m a contributor and also in charge of marketing here at the Row House Nest. Oh, and I’m also Meagan’s little sister.

I live in Toronto, ON with my husband and our black lab. I am an actor by trade, and am naturally drawn to a creative lifestyle. It didn’t take long for me to get on the DIY-train with Meagan, making everything and anything I could – home décor, wedding & events décor, you name it. I love the creative satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of having MADE something myself that I can be proud of.

I am personally inspired by creative people and beautiful spaces; by exploring edges of the world that are new to me; and by my special loved ones and the “nest” we create. I love to meet new people and learn new skills, to pursue a healthy lifestyle and to push myself to be the best I can at whatever it is I’m doing. I love a good challenge!



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  • Sarah-Jane, Sean, & Bobby

    I have been checking out bits and pieces your blog all day…Sean too…even Bobby the dog is looking over my shoulders at the awesome page! Great job. I will definitely keep checking back for new ideas. Really like the silhouettes…

  • irene schlarb

    what a great idea!! would you like me to send you oma’s kipfel receipe!! i think it’s pretty comforting when you walk into a home and there are some awesome home baked kipfels! a receipe where the dough was kept in the well to keep it at a temperature that made it a great taste to bit into years ago!! thinking of you two! love irene

    • Irene! Would love Oma’s recipe! A warm affordable welcome indeed!!!

  • Kelly

    “Nester” so proud of ya! This is just great! I’ll have some BC links to share with ya in the coming months 🙂

  • Very nice job Meagan, all the best to Brian and yourself. 🙂

    • Hi Matt! A surprise seeing you here! Thanks a lot! How are you???? Coming to Ireland anytime soon?

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  • Tara

    I was in love with an Irish transplant this summer and thought I might end up like you but he broke my heart

  • Hi! Love your blog and your dog…I have 2 beagles too!

  • Are all of these photos your own? How could I go about purchasing one to use in a design that I’m doing? Thanks… you can email me or message me back on twitter hello@brentonlittle.com or @brenton_clarke

  • bree

    Oooh! Smooches to Nan! What a beautiful dog. Love!!! Our doggies Scout and Nahla are our fur babies, for real! So happy we’ve stumbled upon each others’ blogs. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration. You are so lovely!! Looking forward to reading more from you… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • HA! Thanks Bree! Glad you like my blog too (phew). That could have been awkward!