Aberfoyle Antique Adventures

I am on the hunt for a few new pieces for my home. I came away with a few small things but otherwise it was just a day out at the Aberfoyle Antique Market. It’s a favourite stop for many Ontario bloggers – not uncommon to see some other bloggers post goodies from their weekend adventures to the market. It’s a great little spot and for $2, you can’t really go wrong. A quick drive (USUALLY) from Toronto, barring no traffic. Here are a few things that caught my eye yesterday.

Tall vintage ladder. Now I know everyone and their brother seems to have one of these in their garage but I don’t have one. And I want one. I want to either lean it for hanging things (herbs, lights etc.) or modify it to be a leaning shelf. We found this one yesterday but the price is too steep (over $50), it had some damage to one side and was a little too tall.


Of course I lingered over the wool rugs. I don’t even NEED any at this point, but I can’t help myself. The patterns are enchanting. This guy use to just carry a few rugs but now he has a whole booth and prices to match. I gagged at the price tags. I know quality rugs are expensive but 500$ for an used rug that could have problems (bugs, worn areas etc.)… Too much.

Wool rug at Aberfoyle

 I died over this one. I wish….

wool rug at Aberfoyle Antique Market

What I settled for was a sweet, in perfect condition wool Aztec rug that is perfect for beside a bed or in a kitchen. For $20. To add to the charm of it all, the salesman told me this amazing story about meeting a man who fought a black bear off his dog. Killed the bear with a small hunting knife when the bear pounced on his dog. Intense story.

small Aztec rug

As you can see, Nan came with.


What a goof. Funny. I brought Nan when she was 8 weeks old to Aberfoyle. So cute.


I also picked up something for Nanna. A vintage shopping basket to hold her leashes etc. For $10, it was a steal (versus $30 in the city).



*All images are my own and belong to the Row House Nest.

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