A Wedding in Holland

I had the pleasure of travelling to Holland or more specifically, Haarlem to watch a dear old friend get married. It had been years since I had traveled to Europe and even longer since I had been to Holland. What a stunning place. Because I have friends there, I have been able to travel there several times and get out of Amsterdam.  I love big vibrant cities but seeing smaller cities is also very telling. You see another side of a country. This blog post shares my adventures to a wedding in Holland!

I flew into Amsterdam a few days earlier than my sister so had a day and a half to explore on my own. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I was in a foreign city on my own. I walked the river banks of Amsterdam, explored small shops and paid 5 euros for an Americano. Insane I know. But I wanted good coffee.

Rows and rows of bikes. I don’t know if I will ever get over how vibrant their bicycle culture is. I saw every walk of life zipping by confidently on a bicycle. Mothers with small infants/toddlers coming from day care, a Muslim woman in her niqab, children following their parents on their commute home. Simply amazing.


All the cutest shops were simple and bright. No need to be flashy and garish. No one uses that word except for me. Garish.


Haarlem was so quaint. And so full of history and life. I would recommend that when folks are traveling to Holland to spend a few days in Haarlem. What a great way to get out of Amsterdam but still be incredibly close to the city.


This is where my friend got married. Stunning right????? Like look at that building.


No need for fancy or fussy decor when the setting is simply stunning.


Just wild animals roaming the property. Why don’t we have this in Canada?


Holland is famous for it’s flowers. The wedding flowers did not disappoint.




We loved every minute of it. So honored to be included in Fiona’s special day.


Dutch wedding dreams!


Apparently it is Dutch tradition that neighbours put flags out for the couple on the day of their wedding.


The neighbours rode their bikes to the wedding! YES!!!!


Fiona and Felix’s adorable backyard.

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