A Teal Romance

I LOVE the colour teal. A lot. I am incredibly predictable and gravitate towards anything and everything that is teal – even when I don’t like the actual object. I still walk over and pick it up and assess its teal-ness. I have  a teal romance going on. My favourite shade of teal is what I call the 1950’s teal…. Which has roots in these two items:

Although this horrible picture makes the truck look more like a bright blue it is actually more of a soft teal while my Grandmother’s hobby cupboard is a greenish teal.

Wait wait wait, I know you are thinking “what the?!?” but you could print this and it would make for a lovely piece of art on your walls – and it has teal IN IT! Spotted here.

Teal table. And it’s vintage. Extra points. Spotted here.

A beautiful scene, record player. Spotted here.

Beautiful ancient doors, waiting for me! Spotted here.

A running teal theme in this perfectly organized office, yes please. Spotted here.

A perfectly turned out sofa. Spotted here.

Teal tea time. This couldn’t be more ME, this is the holy grail of 1950’s teal . Spotted here.

Somewhere pretty to store your secret things from judgmental eyes, spotted here.

It lights up the room. Spotted here.

Magic. Spotted here.

teal lamp

Want to add just a little teal? This woven lamp spotted at Homeclick will do the trick!

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