A Teal Romance

I LOVE the colour teal. A lot. I am incredibly predictable and gravitate towards anything and everything that is teal – even when I don’t like the actual object. I still walk over and pick it up and assess its teal-ness. I have  a teal romance going on. My favourite shade of teal is what I call the 1950’s teal…. Which has roots in these two items:

Although this horrible picture makes the truck look more like a bright blue it is actually more of a soft teal while my Grandmother’s hobby cupboard is a greenish teal.

Wait wait wait, I know you are thinking “what the?!?” but you could print this and it would make for a lovely piece of art on your walls – and it has teal IN IT! Spotted here.

Teal table. And it’s vintage. Extra points. Spotted here.

A beautiful scene, record player. Spotted here.

Beautiful ancient doors, waiting for me! Spotted here.

A running teal theme in this perfectly organized office, yes please. Spotted here.

A perfectly turned out sofa. Spotted here.

Teal tea time. This couldn’t be more ME, this is the holy grail of 1950’s teal . Spotted here.

Somewhere pretty to store your secret things from judgmental eyes, spotted here.

It lights up the room. Spotted here.

Magic. Spotted here.

teal lamp

Want to add just a little teal? This woven lamp spotted at Homeclick will do the trick!

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  • Edible Ireland

    This is my favourite colour too. I was just telling my husband a couple weeks ago that I’d love to get the front door to the house repainted to match the teal of my Le Creuset Dutch oven (the door is currently navy blue).

  • Starlame

    I miss that teal truck! The teal tea set could not BE more you. I love it! We stayed at a cottage this weekend that had an amazing vintage teal chair – I photoed it for you on my phone but it didn’t quite capture just how teal it was…you would have loved it. And p.s. I think it is ok to be obsessed with a colour ~ I have a love of sage green.

  • http://twitter.com/foxglovelane Catriona Ni Draoi

    Mmm, me too, my favourite colour at the moment. Kitchen wall, teapot, and printed plates, tahnks for the visual feast!

    • Anonymous

      A visual feast, I love that description, thanks!

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