A Needle In A Haystack, Straw Accessories

Monday, August 22, 2011 0 Permalink 0

Harvest is fast approaching and I am in the mood to shine some love on straw home accessories. Such an old fashioned,  natural product that can be used in so many different ways. Loved this image of a gal standing on top of a big old bale of hay! Spotted here.

Organically organized straw mirror. Spotted here.

Simple art – possibly collected from far off exotic destination? Spotted here.

Technically I think these are a mixture of straw and thread/rope. Spotted here.

White washed baskets, spotted here.

More storage solutions, spotted here.

Real hay bales being used as seating, spotted here.

This may be diverging a little from the hay theme here but sisal is a little like hay isn’t it? Well technically speaking, it’s hemp, but who cares? It is like hay!

Spotted here.

Adorable place to keep your super healthy green apples! Spotted here.

Long stick storage, I need it! Obviously….Spotted here.