A Little Abstract Art Adventure & My Workspace

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I wish I was artistically inclined, but I am not. Not in the slightest. I can admit that… But if you remember, I have been lusting after a fun, free-spirited style piece of art (read about it here). With the big move from Ireland back to Canada etc. etc., let’s just say, there isn’t any room in the budget to acquire an awesome legitimate piece of art right now. Making my own little office/workspace for blogging in the evenings and working from home occasionally during the day became an instant priority when I move back… So I decided to take the dive – based on my favourite pieces that I shared with you before, I created some art…

In order to save money, I snapped up this canvas from GoodWill for a few dollars.

This is how the canvas started. Pretty hideous. I covered it in white acrylic paint – 3 coats in total. I was surprised it didn’t need more to be honest. Did you see that ‘painting’ underneath? EK!

Now here is the portion of the post where I apologize. I started painting… kept painting…painted some more… layering and layering…and didn’t take 1 picture. Nope. That’s right. Not 1.

There she blows. Judge away.

Here is a wider perspective of my current workspace. I tried to work with what was already here – grabbed a few thrift store pieces of art (owls and blueish abstract piece in upper left hand corner), kept a bulletin board for ideas and a few knick knacks I love. I am using the small square picnic basket (for cutlery?) to store electronics and office supplies in.

I placed a  small embroidered piece of fabric that I picked up at a charity shop in Ireland to protect the desk from my laptop

*I despise ironing*

 My workspace makes me feel more ready for the Canadian Fall somehow….

And then there is that sweater. My mother hates it. I love it. It is my “I am so intense right now I don’t have time to even get up” sweater. It also helps me to think about being outdoors, camping and Canada – it belongs beside a campfire. Oh my gosh, I have totally gone off on a tangent and not finished talking about the art I made. So once I made the one piece I kept going…. and made these triplets:

Again, I made them from 3 used canvases I found 2nd hand…painted over them with gold acrylic paint and got to it….

In the midst of painting…Again didn’t really capture the 1/2 way point. Sorry!

Anyways, I am pretty happy with how things turned out for the time being. The colours make me happy – it cheers me up to wake up and see my cozy Fall workspace and it was incredibly affordable. The abstract art (combined) cost me less than $8. The owl fabric piece cost me $5 and the blue abstract piece was a whopping $6.

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    oh my gosh i adore those owls – they look so friendly :)