A Dresser Playing Dress Up

This little dresser came courtesy of B’s aunt and uncle who were holding onto the dresser – it had been by-passed by B’s cousin and his wife because it didn’t suit their style. Fair enough! The veneer/stain the top of the dresser has seen better days – but with a little furniture stripper and elbow grease this baby will {hopefully} be in fine form for the guest bedroom. We have started stripping it, which sucks by the way. I despise stripping furniture and will avoid it at all costs. This puppy needed it though. Anyways before we rush out and buy refinishing supplies, thought it might be good to look at a few different opinions.

Via Facebook and Twitter, a few friends have made some pretty awesome suggestions – the consensus seems to be doing white wash – or washed look in general. Gray wash, green wash, blue wash… Have never tried the wash look before. Anyways, for fun we thought we would explore different possible looks for our dresser – or as we like to call it, ‘dressing up’!

John & Sherry at Young House Love refinished a double dresser in anticipation of their daughter Clara’s arrival. It is a very dark stain with a white top – interesting but not quite sure the dark stain would suit the guest bedroom.

I called this was ‘knobby gray’. Spotted here. More of the rough and tumble look – might suit the dresser since it has seen better days.

Like this idea of a two-toned dresser. Also has the washed look happening… Would look quite good in the spare bedroom. Did I mention that we have a seafoam green feature wall in there? Didn’t paint it, I promise! Spotted here.

Could just take the easy route and paint it all one colour like this dresser. Spotted here.

Oddly I like the old Grandmother-ish nature of this look – white dresser with lace on top. Could be a cute accent in a pretty ‘mah’ room. Spotted here.

Here is a banged up antiqued dresser – spotted it here on pinterest but no source was given, shame!

An extremely out there choice but I really adore this particular dresser… It would fit in nicely with the greeny accents in the room and the creamy wall colour. A dark horse! Spotted here.

Look at the colour not the cabinet. Again it has that sort of antiqued, washed, banged up look. Could suit the dresser perfectly. Spotted here on pinterest and had a not working address 🙁

Now have a gander at the white wash on those cupboards. That might look good huh? Spotted here.

***Ok so there is an update since I started this post. I have been stripping the dresser. And it is going okay. I hate stripping but its coming along…. I am not sure if it is ‘stripped’ enough for something too transparent (like certain washes, i.e. the washed look couldn’t be too light). Oh, and I can’t get the hardware off. The screws have deteriorated and lost their holes. So the screwdrivers can’t even get in there! Blah!

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  • I am SO glad I found your blog! This site is beautiful!

    And I love white-washed everything, but I agree – the process is a tad tricky. I was thinking of going to a home improvement store and asking for help!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

    • Hi Lexi! So glad to hear it isn’t just me that is intimidated by the white washing process! These things can destroy a beautiful piece and can make way too much work! Keep coming back 🙂

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  • Pam

    Minwax makes a refinisher for antique furniture if you wanted to go with a wood tone. It just disolves the top layers of shellac. If you’ve stripped it it is probably too late for that, but you might want to look into that in the future. I do like the heavily distressed look on paint though.

    • Aw a little too late! But will keep that in mind in the future! I am all done now and will be sharing the dresser’s new look this week!

  • Angie @ CCC

    Great find! And I love your inspiration pieces!! 🙂

    • Hi Angie! Glad you like ’em! I am done now and will be sharing the final look shortly!

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