A Christmas Explosion

So a Christmas bomb went off yesterday and it looks absolutely awesome! Take a gander at a Christmas Explosion!

Crafty wrapping, vintage vignettes in snowmasons, vintage ornaments and found objects

Remember when I teased you with glimpses of the gold glitter banner we were making? Well it turned out super great!

Once the letters and cloth pegs had dried, we tied a large piece of twine between two chairs and got to work attaching the letters with our glittered cloth pegs. What was great about using the pegs is that we could tweak the spacing until it was perfect before we hung it up. I also spray painted some leaves gold a few weeks ago – so we added those to the sides and center of the banner.

Things are falling into place. Unfortunately the stand alone pictures didn’t turn out very good – I am just learning how to use my new camera, so bear with me friends. Want to see how we made this banner? Head here.

Oh and we made it say Chrismy instead of Christmas.

We loved how it turned out…

Family vintage Christmas card framed

Neighbourhood cat came along to help out – thanks Hobbs!

Really sorry about the quality of this next picture, it is from my cellphone – I forgot to take a real picture…

Fun huh?