5 Easy Ways To Organically Grow Your Pinterest Account

Yes! That’s right. And it doesn’t involve you automating your Pins! You can grow your Pinterest following in an authentic and organic manner without having to spend HOURS staring at a computer screen. Trust me. I did all the hard work and heavy lifting for you. This blog post has been brewing in my mind slowly over the past few months. I have gathered up some of my tried and true advice for you for this blog post, 5 Easy Ways To Organically Grow Your Pinterest Account. It is simple to execute and once you got that little baby growing, the numbers will roll in for you and your business.

And I mean it, I am not going to get you to do any sleazy social media ‘tricks’ here. Just real tips from a self-proclaimed ‘Pinterest Princess’ (I think saying Queen would be taking it a little too far). If I can have a kickass Pinterest account, so can you! By taking my tips and suggestions, you can organically generate more followers, more re-Pins and turn your Pinterest account into a super source for valuable traffic. Some of my favorite strategies of how to authentically grow your Pinterest following.


how to optimize your pinterest profile

  1. Optimize your profile – it is time to beautify! This will be the most work for you (all downhill from here I promise). Sit down with a cup of coffee, or wine, or both!  And decide what your signature style is. This is going to set the tone of your Pinterest account in general. Are you fun and colorful? Are you a hipster momma who loves earth tones? Are you a Nordic obsessed design gal who loves white? Pick your theme and run with it. Once you have decided what look to go with – check each of your boards for images that are consistent with that look. For example, I went with my obsession: white. So I picked images that had lots of white space for the most part. It creates continuity among my Boards visually. If you don’t have an image in your Board already that fits your vision, get searching. From there, look at your Board titles and streamline them to look and sound similar. This creates a predictable pattern for your followers to catch. For example, mine all start with “heart”.

    how to build Pinterest followers

  2. Build Your Content – Like your other platforms (whether it’s a business, a blog or social media platform), you need to give the people something to look at. After you get your Pinterest account (visuals and descriptions) looking top notch, you want fellow Pinners to be like “oh ya, this person has lots of amazing things for me to look at”. So put in some extra leg work beefing up all of your Boards. Be consistent with your style – try your best to pin natural, personal and lifestyle images. That’s what most Pinners like to see.

    how to increase your following on Pinterest

  3. Diversify who you follow – that’s right, stop being a snob and go out and find some new cool accounts to follow. Or maybe it will just be some new Boards. No matter what, it will be good for you. When you branch out, you will find more fresh content to share with your own followers. If you only follow a handful of Pinners, you are more likely to just recycle the same 10 images that everyone else is re-Pinning. I recommend following between 300-500 other Pinners. YES. Go. GO find new friends on Pinterest right now.

    My most popular Board on Pinterest:

  4. Become your own Pinterest student – once a week, take 5 minutes and look at your Pins from the week. Which did well/went viral (BECAUSE they are going to go viral!)? Which fell flat? Notice any themes? Although Pinterest is ultimately about collecting inspiration for yourself, it is also important to look at what seems to do well. Me? My followers don’t LOVE when I post boho inspired home design…. So I tend to keep those ones to myself (you know you can do that right? Make a private Board!). Isolate the ones that went viral and keep your eyes out for more Pins that are visually similar.

    One of my most popular Pins at the moment:

  5.  Be Consistent. Pinning regularly is important. Find your time and Pin away. Give folks something to look at on your profile.


Follow these 5 Easy Ways To Organically Grow Your Pinterest Account and I promise you will begin to experience more growth with your account.
how to improve your pinterest following

Not following me on Pinterest? Well my account is pretty damn beautiful if you ask me:

Did my guide to improving your Pinterest account help you? I would love to hear from you! Feel like this isn’t enough to get your business account off the ground? Get in touch with my about my consultation services – I can provide one off personalized consultations about how to improve your account, quickie Pinterest clean up sessions for you or more in-depth start up work. Not sure? Fire me an email: meagan@rowhousenest.com

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  • Thalita Murray

    You make it sound so doable. I love that – just 5 steps and nothing gimmicky. The best!

    • Thank you Thalita! Means the world coming from you!

  • Hi Meagan! Love love love this post. Ever since I started working with you, I can HAPPILY SAY you have made a huge impact on my Pinterest. I’m so uber grateful! I can’t wait to dive deeper into Pinterest.. you have totally inspired me along the way! MWAH! Lynne xx

    • Oh Lynne! You are such a kindred, lovely spirit! Thank you for your kind words!!!

  • Danica

    Really enjoyed this post! I have to admit I usually don’t bother reading
    these “how to” type of posts. I’ve read this twice! HAHA I liked how it
    wasn’t overly long and the points seemed achievable even just for an
    average blogger.


    • Thanks Danica! I know there is a sea of “how to be the best at ___” but whenever I look into it the tips aren’t helpful or are a little sketchy… Totally achievable and works!