Kinfolk Dreams

There is something about the word Kinfolk that sits very well with me. It makes me think of a large commune of ‘family’ members living together at a big, old, man-built cabin. The kind that perpetually smell like cedar and seem to always have an old fashioned coffee pot bubbling away on the wood burning stove. Are you melting into heaven yet? Dogs snuggling up at our feet, all the windows open, birds sitting on branches just outside the window and group activities like hanging a double hammock between trees.

Kinfolk Magazine is beautiful.

Everyone canoes in boots. Right?

As if you don’t wish this was me and you.

Our own goats make goat cheese. (Fully just going into an imaginary world now…)

I love this next image.

All images from Kinfolk Magazine with the exception of the last image, which was from a Kinfolk event in SF (from D’art Photographie).

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  • Ashley Taylor

    I talk about getting goats at least once a week. My other half thinks I’m insane.

  • barbara@hodge:podge

    Ah the life! So when are you coming out our way?

  • Jules

    When you return I think we shall recreate that “you and me” pic using you and me. Cause I love you, and warm socks and blankets and tea. oh yes and YOOOOOOOOOOOOU