True And Beautiful

Image from Observando but that isn’t the original source. I looked for it. I promise. Couldn’t find it [sad face].

Before I start, I also wanted to share this image because it is great. Agree?

Spotted on Observando 

On with the true and beautiful in homes…

Simple, clean, industrial with a touch of modern.

Spotted on Plaza Interiors

White with spots of colourful art and a fab Hans Wagner chair.

Spotted in the Danish magazine Bolig - home of Rikke Graff Juel

I love this long, lean desk… If I had it, I would definitely be more productive. For sure.

Spotted on Karlsson & Uddarare

This tub featured in Lonny Magazine is amazing. I could live in there.

Spotted on Lonny Magazine

This island could improve any home.

Spotted in Milk Magazine

I love Old Brand New. He has some amazing skills…

Spotted on Old Brand New

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  • Igor – Happy Interior Blog

    Ah perfection – I could live in any of these interiors!!

    • admin

      Makes two of us Igor!

  • Lorna

    I particularly like that long lean desk too – I’d definitely be more productive with a desk like that ;)

    • admin

      You and I both Lorna!!! It’s an excuse for now anyways

  • Jg Ar

    Simple. clean, very organize and spacious interior! Thanks for posting.

  • Sheila Zeller

    Beautiful photos! I’d love any one of the above :-)