Research says women are taught that they aren’t ‘good at numbers.’ I was about to introduce this blog post by saying “I am not really fantastic at math” and decided against it.  I am fine at math… In fact, I got A’s in my advanced statistics classes in my Masters but oddly a D the first time I took statistics in my Undergraduate degree – go figure. Not sure what happened there (bad teacher obvi). Math is one of those things though that people loving saying “I suck at math.” Whether you are great at math, okay at math or don’t have a head for figures – you will like my roundup of Number related DIY projects or as I like to say,  № DIY. No math involved (in most cases, anyway).

Make your own number transfers (the outcomes are endless!).

how to transfer text to plates

Tutorial can be found on the Painted Hive (along with lots of other fab projects).

Friggin’ awesome number pinatas (man Jordan is so cool).

number pinatas

Spotted on Oh Happy Day

Have a thing for a certain number? Tissue paper it up.

easy number artwork

Spotted on Prudent Baby

Create your own typographic retro-ized poster (if ya want).

diy number artwork

Spotted on Spoon Graphics

Now – I wish these numbers were a wee bit bigger but I love this idea…. (anything that encourages learning via osmosis)

number handles for childs dresser

Spotted on Domestic Adventure

Love this project for those with kids who want to keep their magnetic surfaces fashionable.

diy magnetic numbers

Spotted on Max and Me

This cool thread and nail number six has so much potential beyond a table number!

diy table numbers

Spotted on Design Curiosities 

I really adore this handmade woodland birthday card “1” – I think it could be turned into some magical art for your home. Or mine more specifically.

natural artwork diy sticks

Spotted on The PauHause

I have featured this project before but it deserves a second run.

industrial nail house number

Spotted on Papernstitch

Enjoy DIY bitches! (sorry relatives).

Feature image source – Spotted on New Focus’ Flickr Accout

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  • Bahahaha! That last line made me guffaw.

    Also, I am totally guilty of saying I’m bad at math. When I’m not *really*. It might take me longer to do things, but if given enough time I can figure it out.

  • Thanks for including my number magnets alongside so many fantastic projects. I’m loving your blog 🙂